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£79,500 is the basic operational cost of triangle for 2018

Triangle is a registered charity and registered environmental body. We have to work very hard for all our funding and we are keen to hear from companies who wish to sponsor and engage with Triangle.

Please take time to view or download our infographic in order to get a clear snapshot understanding of all the vital work we do at Triangle. In 2015 Triangle commissioned an independent evaluation on the impact of our services by Green Strand. Their report is an in depth examination of Triangle. Interviewing young people, parents and staff alongside researching our place in the local community and wider context in society. You can read an excerpt below and contact us to obtain a copy of the full 10 page pdf.

Beneath are some of our recent partners who have made a tangible and important contribution to Triangle.

the triangle infographic

Including many facts and figures about Triangle, it's impact and importance.

  • on average 54 young people visit Triangle each day
  • Triangle has won 3 different awards at the London Playground of the year 2009 - 2014
  • £79,500 is the minimum amount required in 2016 for Triangle to operate
  • we are proud to employ 2 members of staff who regularly visited Triangle as a child

Independent evaluation of triangle

The following text is taken from an independent evaluation of the impact of the services of Triangle Adventure Playground by Green Strand consulting, commissioned 2015.

4. Triangle and environs: the neighbourhood context.

Lambeth is one of the most densely populated places in the country. Lambeth is the fifth most densely populated borough in the country, with 113 residents per hectare. Over 70% of households in Lambeth live in flats, either purpose built or converted houses....The latest deprivation data is from 2010, which ranks Lambeth as the 8th most deprived borough in London and 14th most deprived in England. Around a third of children in Lambeth are estimated to live in poverty. (Lambeth - State of the Borough 2014)...

Children in Oval have limited opportunities for outdoor play and exercise. The latest National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP) results for the 2011/12 academic year show that obesity prevalence in Lambeth is 25.2% at the age of 10. The factors behind this are complex and relate to poverty, culture, the availability of cheap, heavily advertised, junk food, and the inner-urban, stressed, dense and crime-ridden environment.

Successful parenting can be a challenge for many local families – again for complex reasons. Community action that successfully engages parents and children is also challenging. In 2014 the Department for Education registered Lambeth at 31%, nearly twice the national average percentage eligible for free school meals.... Similarly, the Oval ward is a densely populated and very urban neighbourhood, play spaces for children and safe places for teenagers to meet are scarce.

5. The Triangle

The aim of the Triangle is to improve the life chances, welfare and health, of children and their families in the Oval, and its environs, through improved social and community involvement, and by running community led and community owned services for children and families. These services currently include a range of play and community events and trips, which are highly valued by their users.

The Triangle has a long history of successful work in the area and is looking to extend its impact with new and innovative projects. Its membership is largely very local and represents a coming together of local parents and local volunteers. The membership elects a management committee at annual general meetings.

The site has hosted an adventure playground for over 50 years. Triangle became well known as a successful example of the adventure play movement with swings, climbing frames and towers, a cable runway, dens, use of real tools, arts and crafts all featuring. The playground was winner in the Capital Radio and Eibe sponsored “Adventure Playground of the Year Award” in 2012.

The play environment is enhanced by playworker/volunteer built play structures. Playworkers, however, see their roles primarily as discreet enablers and facilitators maintaining informal and caring roles with the children..... Volunteers and visiting artists and musicians have all been utilised in events, projects and performances that enrich and broaden the work of the playground.

Triangle is clearly first and foremost an indigenous, well rooted, self-help community group, enriching the lives of children and providing substantial volunteering opportunities for local people, supported by a staff team of play and community workers.

Extract from Evaluation of the impact of the services provided by the Triangle Adventure Playground - Green Strand 2015

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