We need to raise £5000 every month to keep the playground open.

Ways you can help keep the oldest adventure playground site in London open.

1.     Make a donation, either one off or a regular sum via    

2.     Join The Giving Machine and help raise money for the playground at no cost to you.  Go to and join as a giver. Choose Triangle Adventure Playground as your cause.  Install the 'shop and give reminder' and every time you shop on line the retailers will give the playground commission at no cost to you.

3.     Tell the place where you work about us and suggest we become their charity of the year, or that they do some fund raising for us, or sponsor us.

4.     Create a 'penny pot' and collect all your copper coins and, when the pot is full, bring them into the playground for us to bank.

5.     Consider fundraising for us – ask people to sponsor you on our behalf to run a marathon, give up alcohol for a month, cut your hair, eat as many cream crackers as you can, do 30 press-ups every day for a week or whatever takes your fancy. You can organise the sponsorship by creating a fundraising page on the My Donate page listed above.

6.     After your holidays, bring or send us your foreign small change.

7.     Buy (or sell on our behalf) our charity Christmas cards.